How We Operate

We work to be a sustainable company, not because it is fashionable, but because it’s the right thing to do.  Recycle more, use less, employ sustainable materials and practices – we try to get better in each of these areas and are proud of the sustainable products we produce and how we produce them.  We don’t use corporate speak to tell you about our sustainability practices because sustainability is really never as complicated as people make it out to be.  

ExpandOS™ – Every single ExpandOS™ that is made is made from certified sustainable substrates or post-industrial waste. Every. Single. One.

Sustainable Materials – We promise to use sustainable materials in everything we do unless there is no other option. This includes all of the substrates used to make ExpandOS™ and all of the related packaging of our products.

Third Parties – We will rely on third parties wherever possible to audit our sustainability practices or to certify sustainable substrate, recyclability or biodegradability claims . We won’t make claims about our products or processes that we can’t support.

Innovation – We promise to use innovation to generate additional sustainable options for our substrates, packaging materials and processes. We test all sorts of unique but sustainable substrates and packaging products and are committed to bring them to market if they perform. We have tried a ridiculous number of innovative sustainable products in the past and are proud to continue to do so. If you have innovative products for us to try – let us know – you will be moved to the head of the innovation line.

Zero Waste – We work in all we do to move towards becoming a zero waste company and look for innovative ways to reuse or recycle scrap items, generated by our processes.

Greenwashing – We don’t twist ourselves in circles trying to greenwash use of materials or processes that are not sustainable. It’s silly to say things like “includes recycled content” or to claim that an item is recyclable when, practically, it is not. Claiming you can recycle packaging material by mailing it to a recycling center hundreds of miles away is dumb and everyone knows it.

If we use unsustainable materials, it’s because we have yet to find a sustainable alternative – sometimes that’s how things work in the real world but rest assured – we will keep looking.