We work closely with Distributors around the world. We value our distribution partners and do everything we can to help them succeed. 

How We Operate

We understand the unique value that a Distributor can bring to an operation.  We also realize that in addition to simply delivering a product, a Distribution Partner can and should act as a trusted advisor and someone who closely monitors Customers that use ExpandOS™ to the benefit of the Customer and the Distribution Partner.  

Our relationship with Distributors is defined by the following guidelines:

We are honest with all of our business partners. We will tell you if ExpandOS is not a good fit for your opportunities as they arise. In return, we expect you to be honest with us as all of our time is valuable.

Your Customers are your Customers – you are the face to the Customer and as such, all communications or visits with a Customer, unless otherwise directed, will go through you. We are able to help you protect these relationships as the only provider of ExpandOS.

We work together to determine to make a performance and cost evaluation of ExpandOS for your Customer. Based on that review, you are able to set pricing as you see fit. We know the relative market for ALL packaging types and provide input where requested.

Our job as a packaging solution provider is to service your orders promptly and be 100% responsive to any service needs or new business opportunities.

Your job as a Distributor is to sell AND service each account. Keeping track of changes or new opportunities at a Customer and making sure all equipment is in good condition and running as specified.

We understand that ExpandOS is different than other packaging options in the market. As such, we realize our responsibility to educate both Distribution Partners and Customers on whether and how to use ExpandOS.

We expect Distribution Partners to become true partners and help grow ExpandOS among their Customers. Our job is to help you by providing solutions and information on success stories where ExpandOS has been an effective solution.

We understand that we are in the operations business and that any issue is an urgent issue.  As a result, we will give you contact information to several people so you can always get a live person on the phone right away.

Our View on Protective Packaging

We realize the market for protective packaging is dominated by 4-5 companies who all sell essentially the same solutions with limited differentiation. 

ExpandOS is different.

The product is differentiated, is paper based, carries a strong sustainability pedigree and is able to be included in automation solutions all while being able to protect your business.  Given the current market conditions, our products check all the important boxes that Distribution Partners need to consider when including items in their portfolio.

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