ExpandOS™ Smarter Packaging Brochure

This main brochure is a product overview of the ExpandOS™ offering.

The PARCELSCAN™ and AsPacked System

The PARCELSCAN™ system from FoldedPak and powered by Cloud 9 Perception documents contents and void space in your parcel so you can add the EXACT amount of protective or void packaging material for every shipment.

The Expander™ by FoldedPak.

Rotary and Standard Expander System Features and Specifications.

ExpandOS™ In Place.

In conjunction on with Advanced Poly Packaging, we are proud to introduce the newest way to apply the protective power of ExpandOS™.

ExpandOS™ User Evaluation.

This ExpandOS™ User Evaluation is the first step in the evaluation process; it provides the customer and the sales professional the basic information needed to determine the viability of the ExpandOS™ Solution for each product application.

The Real Costs of Packaging.

In the process of determining the Total Cost of Packaging there are several costs to consider that are not the obvious costs of direct packaging material and packaging labor. These costs are just as real and contribute significantly to the total cost. This tool discusses these costs.

The Guide to Understanding Internal Packaging.

This guide attempts to discuss most of the available internal packaging materials. It is important to have a basic understanding of competitive materials and their purpose to effectively evaluate and explain the benefits of ExpandOS™.