Automation Solutions.

Stop paying people to add top fill packaging to your boxes using our fully automated top fill system. The system operates independent of all data sources and uses the proprietary void fill and box size detection system.

THE ULTIMATE Solution for Package Protection.

Our patented ExpandOS™ design easily protect heavy, light, dense, breakable and fragile objects (even in the same box).   Simplify your packaging by utilizing ExpandOS™.  

How the ExpandOS System Works – For industrial users, you purchase flat stock ExpandOS material from us on pallets, material to make 1000 CF of ExpandOS™ per pallet.  When you are ready to use the material, you convert the ExpandOS™into the packing pyramids by using one of our Expander machines.  The Expander machines make as much as 10 CF of material per minute and can be aggregated in hoppers as large as 100CF for special situations.

Not an industrial user?  Go ahead and buy some material in a ready to use form – shipped right to you!

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Better packing materials for your fragile items.

While it is impossible to mention all the applications for ExpandOS™ – here are a few more representative samples: toys, HVAC parts, computer monitors, hard drives, electrical components, retail fixtures, gift baskets, light bulbs, and cameras. Contact us today with your application.

Mix and Match.

The flexibility of ExpandOS™ allows you to ship items of different shapes, densities and fragilities in the same box.


ExpandOS™ will work in almost any situation, product or environment that requires protective packaging.


From ExpandOS™ VF to HD our packaging solutions provide a variety of protective options for many product types .

ExpandOS™ is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

No toxic chemicals.

ExpandOS™ contains no toxic chemicals like many other packaging solutions on the market today.

No protective gear required.

We care about the safe delivery of your products, and are also concerned for the safety of you and your employees.

Recyclable & biodegradable.

We appreciate the joy a healthy environment can provide, and we support recycling.

Use ExpandOS™ for your next project, big or small.

ExpandOS™ protective packaging for any use case.

Medical, Dental & Laboratory

Examples might be in office dental supplies, machines and parts for medical use, beakers, test tubes, chemicals and flasks.

Industrial & Automotive

Representative items include headlamps, industrial bearings, machine parts, metal and plastic car parts and fasteners.

Ceramics & Prototypes

Given the fragility, value and cost of these items, it is important that protection is top rate with the ability to protect from shock.

Mass Distribution

ExpandOS™ can dramatically reduce damage with very good payback rates. This strategy has been very successful in fundraising, hardware, office supply and gourmet food situations.

Glassware, Dinnerware & Restaurant

Bottled liquids are some of the most difficult items to protect during shipping. Some examples are bottled extracts, wine, olive oil, glasses, tea pots, cooking utensils/equipment, plates, bowls, & blown glasses.

Pumps & Motors

An effective alternative to foam for all but the heaviest pumps and motors. ExpandOS™ allows these items to be blocked and braced to maintain proper in-box positioning, preventing shifting and, ultimately, damage.

ExpandOS™ is brandable.

By printing your logo on ExpandOS™, you not only associate your company with innovative and smart solutions but you also generate an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to the environment.

ExpandOS™ is versatile.

ExpandOS™ product offerings provide cost-effective solutions for all levels of shipping protection.

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