What are ExpandOS™?

ExpandOS™ are highly engineered paper pyramids that immediately lock together to stabilize a product, providing blocking and bracing.

The secret of ExpandOS™ performance – our patented design.

ExpandOS™ paper pyramids are specifically designed to lock together using all three sides, all six corners and all thirty-eight fingers. The network of circular holes on each ExpandOS™ also serve to minimize added package weight and enable the paper pyramids to further interlock.   

When the ExpandOS™ paper pyramids are added to the shipping box, they immediately lock together to stabilize the product, providing blocking and bracing to help the product maintain its position in the box.

The ExpandOS™ pieces will adjust, realign and reorganize themselves with their neighbors in a layer around the product(s) during transit to provide a reliable, safe haven that diverts unwelcome energy away from the product. The pieces work together to suspend the product, absorb shock and allow minimal movement during shipping.

ExpandOS™ paper is shipped to you on pallets in flat sheet form. The Expander machine is then used to produce ExpandOS™ when and where you need it. We also sell ExpandOS™ in a ready to use form – see our webstore for details.

Saves money.

ExpandOS™ are typically the lowest cost alternative for most applications.

Environmentally Friendly.

ExpandOS™ contains no toxic chemicals like many packaging solutions.

Easy To Use.

ExpandOS™ are universally protective so you gain time with no worry.

Saves Time.

The system’s free-flowing nature dramatically reduces assembly time. 

Space Saving.

1/25th the space, ExpandOS™ are designed to expand on site, as needed.


No protective gear is required when using the ExpandOS™ system.

Reduce shipping damage.

Reduced product damage and damage-related insurance claims.

Proven product protection.

Tested against the most stringent industry (ISTA and ASTM) standards.


Your brand on the most protective internal packaging material available.

Expandos Products.

To give you maximum flexibility, ExpandOS™ have three product options for every packaging scenario.

ExpandOS™ VF

ExpandOS™ VF was designed to provide an economical void fill alternative for use in applications that require only minimal protection.

ExpandOS™ MD

ExpandOS™ MD is our core product and is designed to accommodate all general purpose applications where product protection is important.

ExpandOS™ HD

ExpandOS™ HD was designed to help protect very heavy and dense items during shipment.  Made from extra heavy paperboard.

ExpandOS™ XD

ExpandOS™ XD was created to handle the heaviest loads of any paper based solution on the market.  For use with the heaviest items to be shipped in a shipping box.

ExpandOS™ Product Types.

How ExpandOS™ System Works.

For industrial users, you purchase flat stock ExpandOS™ material from us on pallets, material to make 1000 CF of ExpandOS™ per pallet.  When you are ready to use the material, you convert the ExpandOS™ into the packing pyramids by using one of our Expander machines.  The Expander machines make as much as 10 CF of material per minute and can be aggregated in hoppers as large as 100 CF for special situations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use ExpandOS™?

Simply put two inches of ExpandOS™ around all sides of the item in a box, slightly overfill the box and seal.  When shipping multiple items, leave 2 inches of ExpandOS™ between objects.

What is ExpandOS™?

ExpandOS™ is a highly engineered, paper based universal packaging material for use in all parcel shipments.

Is ExpandOS™ brandable with my company's logo?

Yes!   You can add your company logo to ExpandOS™.  You can print one color on each side with your messaging, a logo or other messaging to meet your marketing and branding goals.

Having trouble deciding?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.