Industrial and Service Parts

ExpandOS is an excellent solution for both heavy and fragile parts and service items.  Heavy truck parts (30lb+), commercial and general aviation parts, aftermarket auto and truck parts, electronic systems and similar items are all better protected when shipped with ExpandOS.

ExpandOS handles odd shapes, heavy dense parts and shipments containing a variety of parts of differing fragilities and materials in a single shipment. If you are looking to streamline your Industrial and Service Parts shipments, while keeping the products safe from damage during transit, ExpandOS is the packing material for you.

Food, Beverage, Personal Care and Other Liquids

The excellent blocking and bracing ability of ExpandOS makes it a perfect fit for food, beverage and other liquid tems shipped in glass or plastic containers.  ExpandOS absorbs and disperses shocks in order to protect the integrity of food and liquid containers. 

When you ship food, beverage, personal care and other liquids with ExpandOS, you can rest assured that your items will arrive at their destination in prime condition, free of damage or breakage. ExpandOS is a sustainable, effective packing material that you can rely on to deliver the protection for all your needs.

Housewares and Ceramics

ExpandOS has deep expertise in packing household and ceramic items.  We know how important and often expensive these items can be, so when you are searching for a packing solution that is green, sustainable, and effective, look no further than ExpandOS.

The ExpandOS solution is high performance, yet flexible, and allows use for both heavy and odd shaped houseware and ceramic items.  Ship individual items or heavy, boxed sets of dinnerware with confidence, and you can relax knowing your housewares and ceramic items will arrive at their destination intact and free of damages.

Building Materials and Lighting

ExpandOS UD offers the highest level of protection for very heavy and dense items that need all around protection in a parcel shipping environment. For building materials and lighting, you can trust that ExpandOS will protect these materials and delicate fixtures during transport and reduce the possibility of damage.

ExpandOS offers proven protection for items such as toilets, concrete sinks, cabinet hardware, fasteners and other building materials.  For lighter items such as lighting fixtures, use ExpandOS MD. Contact us to learn more about which ExpandOS product is right for your shipment!

Repair Items

The flexibility of ExpandOS ensures that you will be able to repack a very wide variety of repair items using a single packaging solution. ExpandOS is your sustainable, green, effective solution for protecting a wide variety of repair items during transit. The ability of ExpandOS to effectively reduce damages while providing lightweight, versatile support makes them unique in the packaging industry.

From POS systems and cable boxes to heavier industrial parts such as servo drives, the performance of ExpandOS ensures your recently serviced items return safely to your customer.

Fasteners, Ammunition and Small Heavy Parts

Shipment of ammunition, fasteners and small metal castings require absolute performance in blocking and bracing to ensure that boxes or items do not shift during transit and open or become otherwise damaged.  Choose ExpandOS when shipping fasteners, ammunition and small heavy parts to effectively protect these items during shipment.

The legendary blocking and bracing capability of ExpandOS makes it the perfect choice for these shipments. Contact us today to learn more about which of the ExpandOS products is right for your business.

Industrial Component Parts

Batteries, bearings, drives and motors all require not only protection from shock during shipment,  but also need to be properly secured in a box during transit to avoid damage to these often high dollar value items.  ExpandOS can secure these important items to ensure that they arrive intact and ready for use.

When you choose ExpandOS for your industrial component parts shipping needs, you can rest assured that your industrial component parts will be adequately protected and arrive at their destination intact.