Lighting Fixture Manufacturer Cuts Labor and Reduces Packaging Costs With ExpandOS™

The California based manufacturer of lighting fixtures was using foam in place as their internal packaging solution.

  • Packing material per box fell from $1.58 per box to $1.34.
  • Labor used in packout fell by 33%.
  • Damage rates remained low.
  • Shipping rates remained unchanged.
  • All shipping material shipped by the manufacturer is now 100% recyclable!

Biggest US Retailer Tells Supplier Fix Damage or Lose Business - Recommends Using ExpandOS™

  • Damage rates fell by over 90%.
  • Labor spent in packout area fell by 25%.
  • ExpandOS™ packaging was 20% less expensive than the previous solution.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of ExpandOS™, FoldedPak shipped a box to the Retailer with a brick, an egg and a light bulb protected by ExpandOS™. The box arrived with no damage.  Remembering this example and understanding the benefits of ExpandOS™, the Retailer recommended ExpandOS™ to the Manufacturer as a solution to the damage issue.

To Resolve Damage and High Packaging Costs – Automotive Lighting Manufacturer Chooses ExpandOS™.

The Midwest based manufacturer of automotive lighting was using 2 ply wadded kraft paper as their internal packaging solution.

  • Damage rates fell by over 80%.
  • Labor consumed in packout area fell by 25%.
  • Most hand packaging was eliminated.