• ExpandOS™ provides superior blocking and bracing capability.
  • Interlocking design creates a protective cocoon around your shipment.
  • Unique design helps dissipate vibration energy and reduce settling.
  • ExpandOS™ will protect your product from impact shock.
  • A reliable, predictable, consistent performing product.


  • Simple, loose fill format, flowable product.
  • No complicated packing instructions or training – surround shipped items with the right amount of ExpandOS™ and ship!
  • ExpandOS™ fits your package – use for virtually any type of shipment.
  • Space saving product is expanded at the point of packaging.


  • ExpandOS™ are made from fiber certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.
  • ExpandOS™ are recyclable.


  • ExpandOS™ can help reduce your total package cost.
  • ExpandOS™ usually reduces:
    • Damage costs
    • Material costs
    • Indirect costs
    • Labor costs
    • Storage costs
    • Inbound freight


  • ExpandOS™ is brandable
  • Add your brand to ExpandOS™


ExpandOS™ VF

Minimal protection void fill alternative

ExpandOS™ VF was designed to provide an economical void fill alternative for use in applications that require only minimal protection.

Use ExpandOS™ VF if you are shipping items that need only minimal protection and cost is a core issue.

ExpandOS™ MD

Versatile protection for most shipping situations

ExpandOS™ MD is our core product and is designed to accommodate all general purpose applications where product protection is important.

Use ExpandOS™ if you need protection from damage. ExpandOS™ MD is usually the best choice for most general shipping applications.

ExpandOS™ HD

Protective packaging for heavy items

ExpandOS™ HD was designed to help protect heavy and dense items during shipment. Made from extra heavy paperboard, ExpandOSTM HD has the strength and rigidity to support and protect your heavy items from damage.

Use ExpandOS™ HD if you are shipping heavier items that need an additional level of protection.

ExpandOS™ XD

Protective packaging for extremely heavy items

ExpandOS™ XD was developed to protect extremely heavy items during shipment. Made from extra rigid paperboard, ExpandOS™ XD is a high-performance packaging product that will block and brace your heaviest items from damage.

Use ExpandOS™ XD if you are shipping very heavy, dense items.

ExpandOS™ UD

Protective packaging for the heaviest items shipped via parcel

ExpandOS™ UD was developed to protect the heaviest items that can still be parcel shipped. Made from the strongest and thickest paperboard, ExpandOS™ UD is the highest-performance packaging product that will hold your heaviest items in place as they transit the parcel system.

Use ExpandOS™ UD if you are shipping very heavy, dense items that need maximum protection.