SERVICE – Service – If you have any issues – they are our #1 priority until they are fixed. We do ridiculous things to try to get problems solved fast – we are proud of that. We also understand urgency and work with you to ship your order – fast.

A Helpful Partner – We don’t have a million forms, complicated legal contracts or other stuff. We help you save time and money, answer the phone when you call and try our best to help your business succeed. If we aren’t a good partner – fire us.

Honesty – Boxes hold volume so we sell ExpandOS by volume. We aren’t going to bamboozle you by selling feet of paper or bubble packaging, pounds of foam, or a number air pillows you need to fill a box. That’s nonsense and everyone knows it. Volume is volume, weight is weight and length is length.

Performance – ExpandOS works – period. That’s a fact. A lot of people with PhD’s have already said so. With all of our solutions and products, we have an answer for your requirement.

A Green Solution – the world needs better, greener solutions right now. We are proud to help you do your part in using sustainable materials.

Flexibility – We work with your programs, warehouse, corporate policies, whatever. Let us know what you need and we will do our best to deliver. No – we aren’t flexible enough to give stuff away for free.

Innovation – If by chance you need a solution we don’t already have – we will work to invent a solution for you – starting today. We have a bunch of really smart people and lots of tools and parts waiting for a good project.