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A Sustainable Solution for Package Protection

ExpandOS HD

Use of Post Industrial Waste

Our products are made from first quality post industrial waste. We use waste streams from the box making industry as the core material for ExpandOS. We take thin or “trim” rolls, trim them to width and then create our patented paper.

SFI Certified

Our paper is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Because we use first quality material and maintain a chain of custody from the mill to our use of the material, we are able to obtain the SFI certification for our products.

Easy to Recycle and Reusable

Unlike some other protective packaging alternatives, ExpandOS is easy to recycle.  Just toss the ExpandOS in your recycle bin and you are done.  If you like, you can also reuse all of the ExpandOS that have maintained their structural integrity.

Yes, We Recycle Too

People often ask “What happened to all the holes you punch out to make the ExpandOS”? We recycle them, of course. We also recycle the edge trim that is a byproduct of our manufacturing process.