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The secret of ExpandOS performance - our patented design.

ExpandOS paper pyramids are specifically designed to lock together using all three sides, all six corners and all thirty-eight fingers. The network of circular holes on each ExpandOS also serve to minimize added package weight and enable the paper pyramids to further interlock. When the ExpandOS paper pyramids are added to the shipping box, they immediately lock together to stabilize the product, providing blocking and bracing to help the product maintain its position in the box. The ExpandOS pieces will adjust, realign and reorganize themselves with their neighbors in a layer around the product(s) during transit to provide a reliable, safe haven that diverts unwelcome energy away from the product. The pieces work together to suspend the product, absorb shock and allow minimal movement during shipping.

ExpandOS paper is shipped to you on pallets in flat sheet form. The Expander machine is then used to produce ExpandOS when and where you need it. We also sell ExpandOS in a ready to use form – see our webstore for details.

ExpandOS Saves Money

Cost-saving – ExpandOS are typically the lowest cost alternative for applications that need medium to high levels of blocking, bracing and product protection performance. An ExpandOS system will be less expensive AND more environmentally friendly than foam systems and air bubble packaging while being a competitive alternative with other packaging systems. Because ExpandOS is a single component system, so there's no need for the additional cost of wraps, sheets, tape or dividers. Because it's easy to use and flows into the box without need for other steps or special gear, it also reduces labor costs.

Time-saving – The system's free-flowing nature dramatically reduces package assembly time. We've got product protection covered so you have extra time to focus on your goals. Plus, the ExpandOS system puts ExpandOS directly into the shipping carton, so you become even more efficient.

Space-saving – Because the pyramids are created at the point of use, the paper sheet storage requirements are typically 1/25th the space needed for pre-expanded materials. We don't want you wasting valuable space that could be used to make your operation more efficient. ExpandOS are designed to expand on site, as needed.

ExpandOS is Environmentally Friendly and Non-Toxic

ExpandOS contains no toxic chemicals like many packaging solutions and no protective gear is required when using the ExpandOS system. The packaging elements are recyclable and biodegradable. We care about the safe delivery of your products, and are also concerned for the safety of your employees. We appreciate the joy a healthy environment can provide, and we support recycling.

ExpandOS is Versatile and Easy to Use

The system is quick and easy to use and is well-suited for products of various shapes, sizes, weights and fragility. ExpandOS are universally protective so you gain time by not having to worry about tough packing decisions. You also gain back the time you used to spend on training because the ExpandOS system is so easy to use.

Reduce Shipping Damage

One of the biggest cost savings is due to reduced damage and damage-related insurance claims. ExpandOS understands the pressures you're under to free up money for new initiatives, and the ExpandOS system is designed to save you money in many ways. From reduced labor costs to tremendous reduction in damage and related costs, ExpandOS is completely focused on making a positive impact on your business.

Proven Product Protection

ExpandOS has been tested and proven a winner against the most stringent industry (ISTA and ASTM) standards. It preserves and protects your shipments without using bigger boxes, multiple steps or more or more expensive packaging material. ExpandOS is relentless in our focus on damage-free delivery!

ExpandOS is Brandable

Your logo printed on each ExpandOS gives your brand visibility and an association with reliable, protective, environmentally friendly packaging and improved customer satisfaction. There's nothing better than hearing "thank you" from your customers. When your logo is printed on the most protective internal packaging material available, ExpandOS gives you the opportunity to leave your mark as you demonstrate the kind of care and reliability they will appreciate.