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Our Products

ExpandOS VF

ExpandOS VF – Minimal protection void fill alternative

ExpandOS VF was designed to provide an economical void fill alternative for use in applications that require only minimal protection.

Use ExpandOS VF if you are shipping items that need only minimal protection and cost is a core issue.

ExpandOS MD

ExpandOS MD – Versatile protection for most shipping situations

ExpandOS MD is our core product and is designed to accommodate all general purpose applications where product protection is important.

Use ExpandOS MD if you need protection from damage and your item being shipped weighs less than 35 pounds or 15 kilograms.  ExpandOS MD is usually the best choice for most general shipping applications.

ExpandOS HD

ExpandOS HD – Protective packaging for very heavy items

ExpandOS HD was designed to help protect very heavy and dense items during shipment.  Made from extra heavy paperboard, ExpandOS HD has the strength and rigidity to support and protect your heaviest items from damage.

Use ExpandOS HD if you are shipping items that are very dense and weigh more than 35 pounds or 15 kilograms.

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