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Create Brand Leverage


ExpandOS presents another opportunity for you to tell your story. By printing your logo on ExpandOS, you not only associate your company with innovative and smart solutions but you also generate an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to the environment.

Combining branded ExpandOS with an in-box card highlighting your company’s use of ExpandOS creates an opportunity to retell your corporate message. The unique nature of our product will get your Customer’s attention, make sure to take the opportunity to further your message!

The Details

    If you are interested in branding your ExpandOS – here are some of the details:

  • You can print in a single color of your choosing on the outside of the ExpandOS
  • You are free to keep the SFI logo or use the space for other messaging
  • The inside of the ExpandOS will be printed with the ExpandOS logo, in green ink
  • We can print in other languages
  • There is a one time plate charge
  • There is a small setup charge for each production run of custom branded product
  • There is a minimum run size.